Key Blanks

The following key blank lists contain some of the more popular domestic, foreign and plastic head keys. They represent only a few of the key blanks we have for sale. The key blank numbers are Standard Cross Reference numbers. When ordering from the following lists please use these numbers.

Kwikset and Schlage Key Blanks

The following Kwikset and Schlage key blanks are available at a specially reduced price of just $8.751 per box (50 key blanks) on quantities of 500 or more keys. Orders under 500 keys are priced at 9.75 per box. Keyways can be mixed with other keys to obtain quantity pricing.


Domestic Keys

The following keys are priced to sell. Just $16.001 per box of 50 each and with a minimum quantity of 500. Choose 10 or more boxes. Numbers can be mixed. Orders under 500 keys are priced at $18.00 per box of 50 each or $4.00 in quantities of 10 each.

AR1	IN3	RU16	Y1
B1	IN8	RU45	Y1E
B44	IN18	SC1*	Y2
B45	IN28	SC4	Y11
B46	IN33	SC6	Y12
B47	KW1*	SC8	Y13
B48	L1	SC9	Y14
B49	L4	SC22	Y149
B50	M1	SE1	Y152
B51	RA3	T7	
DE6	RA4	WK2	and
EA27	RU1	WR3	more...

*See Kwikset and Schlage above

Transponder Key Blanks

See our machines  page for the transponder cloner and transponder key deals.

When ordering transponder keys specify year, make and model of the automobile from the JMA transponder catalog  along with the transponder number and keyway code. Here are just some of our cloneable transponder key prices:

TPX1 keys: $23.00
TPX2 keys: $27.00
TPX4 keys: $27.00 (TPX4 replaces TPX3)
TPO5HOND-21.p: $ 10.50 (Ilco: HD106PT5)
TP05GM-27.p: $ 10.50 (Ilco: B97PT5)
TP05GM-28.p: $ 11.00 (Ilco: B99PT5)
TP05GM-37.p: $ 10.50 (Ilco: PT04PT5)
More to come....

Double Sided Automobile Key Blanks

The following keys are $6.00 in quantities of 10 each or $5.50 in box quantities.

B72	FT43	MZ4	T61F
BMW2	HD70	MZ5	TR25
BMW3	HD82	MZ9	TR26
DA23	HD90	MZ10	TR28
DA24	HD92	MZ12	TR33
DA25	HD98	MZ13	TR37
DA28	HD101	MZ16	TR39
DA31	HD103	MZ22	V37
DA34	HY2	MZ29	VL6
DC3	HY5	PA8	VO73
FC7	HY14	RN25	VW67
FT37	MB41 	SAA1	VW71
FT38	    	T61C

And More Car Keys . . .

B65	B89	B106	H67
B74	B92	B108	H75
B84	B93	H50	H76
B88	B96	H51	Y155
B89	B103	H60	Y157

Plastic Head Keys

Black plastic head keys are available for over 100 of the most popular automobile keys. The following keys are $4.25 in quantities of 5 each.

B44	B78	DA31	H75	HY4	MZ27	Y153
B45	B80	DA32	H76	HY5	MZ30	Y155
B46*	B84	DA33	H78	HY6	MZ9	Y157
B47*	B86	DA34	HD82	HY12	PA8	Y159
B48	B88	DA37	HD90	HY13	RN24
B49	B89	DA38	HD91	HY14	RN32	
B50	B91	DC1	HD92	MB15	SUZ15
B51	B92	DC3	HD96	MB18	SUZ17
B63	B96	FC7	HD98	MIT1	TR28
B64	B101		HD99	MIT4	TR33
B65		H62	HD100	MZ10	TR40
B68		H65	HD101	MZ13	TR44
B72	DA23		HD102	MZ16	TR46
B74	DA25	H70	HD103	MZ19	TR47
B77	DA30		HY2	MZ25	VL8
*temporarily out of stock

Mixed Color Plastic Center (red, yellow, green, clear and blue)

The following keys are $7.40 in quantities of 10 each. Available in KW1 and SC1 keyways. Call for quantity pricing.

Mixed Color Plastic Head (red, yellow, green, and blue)

The following keys are $7.40 in quantities of 10 each. Available in KW1 and SC1 keyways. Call for quantity pricing.

Aluminum Keys

No more heavy key rings in your pocket. Made from a special tempered alloy, the Aluminum keys reduce the weight of your keys up to 1/3 of the brass keys without losing any resistance. Furthermore, the seven available bright colors give you an easy identification in your key pack. Colors are dark blue, green, light blue, orange, red, turquoise, and lilac.

The following keys are $7.40 in quantities of 10 each. Available in KW1 and SC1 keyways. Call for quantity pricing.

Klinky Keys

Click here to see about our new Klinky Value Pack.

Groovy Keys

The following Groovy keys come in 5 packs for KW1, KW11, M1, SC1, and WR5. Price $6.25 per pack ($1.25 per key).

Currently in stock are: Rainbow, Camoflage, Mexico, HOlly, Betsy Ross, Flame, Fireman, Racing Flag and Lilly.

Betsy Ross Valentine Old Glory
Flag of Mexico Smiley Face Dalmatian
Blue Floral Jungle Cat Rainbow
Camouflage Flame Floral Burst
Lily Holly

Designer Keys

The following desiger keys are available in 10 packs of KW1, KW10 and SC1 as noted. KW10 keys can be used for KW1 keyways. Price $8.50 per pack ($.85 per key).

BF (KW1) BLF (KW10) HT (KW10, SC1)
MS (KW10) MX (KW1, KW10, SC1) PF (KW10, SC1)
RF (KW10, SC1) DF (KW10, SC1) TG (KW10)
LN (KW10) US (SC1)
WF (SC1)

NFL Keys

The following NFL Football keys are available in 5 packs for the KW1 keyway. The keys have been embossed with a hardening process to ensure durability but will wear over time with use. Colors may vary slightly from the keys pictured below. Please call for availability and pricing.

San Francisco 49ers Denver Broncos*
Arizona Cardinals San Diago Chargers*
Dallas Cowboys Houston Texans
Miami Dolphins* Oakland Raiders*
Pittsburgh Steelers Baltimore Ravens*
St. Louis Rams* Minnesota Vikings

Not shown are: Packers, Buccanneers, Bills, Patriots, and Chiefs.

*Currently out of stock.

1Prices subject to change. Check this page before ordering to verify the current prices.

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